October 27, 2015 — Leave a comment


Today I took a nap!

I was supposed to be working on life purpose coaching but fatigue set in from a busy weekend and day at school on Monday.  This year, Tuesday and Thursday have turned into work days for my business as well as the opportunity to meet with my accountability partner, grocery
shop, exercise, do laundry, and meet up with friends.  They are marathon days and leave me tired!

It’s funny how when I was a kid, I fought naps.  It really bothered me when someone told me I seemed tired.  Now, the opportunity to take a nap mid day is a luxury I’m going to try more often!

I remember when our kids were young.  We would watch Mr. Rodgers after lunch.  Then my favorite time of the day would come – naptime!  It didn’t always work perfectly.  Sometimes one of them would get up before naptime was over.  I really looked forward to that time of the day. Sometimes I needed to get things done during naptime while the kids were sleeping, but other times I would take a nap.  It was a great time to recharge from the events of the day and to enjoy the quietness of naptime!

As moms, we often forget to take time to slow down and rest.  A short nap in the middle of the day can be just the ingredient we need to help us survive and thrive while we parent our children.

When was the last time you took a nap?