The Importance Of Connecting With Other Moms

September 22, 2015 — Leave a comment


connecting moms

Ever since I was little I always wanted to be two things – a mom and a teacher.

I had the opportunity to be a teacher when I graduated from college.  When my husband and I learned we would become parents, I was so excited.  I couldn’t wait to be a mom!

When Hannah arrived, I knew I was supposed to be home with her.  Despite this knowledge, I felt like I lost my purpose.

Unexpectedly, the transition from teacher to stay-at-home mom was difficult for me.  Gone were the raving reviews and encouragement I received as a result of my teaching job and in its place a beautiful infant who couldn’t interact with me – who ate, slept, pooped, and cried.  And I made the crazy decision to go with cloth diapers.

We had just moved to our new house, and I hadn’t met any other moms.  It took some time, but I soon started a playgroup.  The playgroup relationships provided encouragement, companionship, walking partners, and a realization that I wasn’t alone in this mothering adventure.

I began to find the purpose in my everyday mothering tasks.  I learned to see these tasks as gifts.  It took the connections to other moms to help find my purpose.

Mothering is one adventure you’ll want to go on together!

How are you connecting with other moms?  How have these connections made a difference in your life?