The Power of Three Little Goals

January 26, 2016 — Leave a comment


Today I started it again.

It’s the third snow day in a row, and I was ready for more of a feeling of accomplishment.  To get me started, I wrote out some basic goals: groceries, curriculum planning, walk, etc.

When I talk to moms about getting things of their list of things to do, I talk about the importance of setting three bite-size goals.  These goals are set at the very beginning of the day before the rest of the day gets too far ahead.  These are goals that you can accomplish.  They help chart your course for the day.  These goals help you stay focused when a million and one distractions try and lead you astray.

When I spoke at a MOPS group earlier this month, I shared about a time of recovery in my life after our son was born and how important these three small goals became to me in my daily life.

Getting back to today, I had to start over.  With three snow days in a row, I thought I’d try it again to help with my focus.

And you know what?

It worked!

I had a great day, and I accomplished the things I wanted to accomplish.

How about you?  What helps give you that feeling of accomplishment?  What three little goals do you need to set for yourself today?