Celebrating The Year Of Firsts

September 4, 2015

Year Of Firsts

Time goes fast!

Last night, I was at my daughter’s senior cross-country picnic. This is the official kickoff of the season and the start to the school year. I had been looking forward to getting together with other cross-country families and hearing Hannah’s coach recognize her as the captain of the girls’ team.

As we ate with some other senior parents, I had a great view of the playground we used to come to when the kids were little. Memories of playing ice cream store and swinging came to mind.

Wow! Time goes fast.

I’m so proud of her as team captain. I remember Hannah’s early leadership skills coming into play when she organized a backyard circus at the age of 5. Hannah is fulfilling her purpose as she prepares herself for her next step-college.

Several years ago, I had a friend tell me that when you have teenagers of your own God prepares your heart, because by the time they’re ready to leave they won’t be around very much anyways. How true!

Instead of focusing this on a “Year of Lasts,” I’m choosing to embrace every moment and think of it as a “Year of Firsts” – the first time I have a senior to parent and love. And I’m looking forward to the “Firsts” yet to come!