Finding Purpose When The School Bus Leaves

September 2, 2015

school bus

What is it about the first day of school?

Ever since Hannah stepped or maybe ran onto that big yellow school bus 12 years ago, I have anticipation and a couple tears as I watch my kids leave the house for their first day of school each year.

My kids have been leaving me for years – going to sleep-away camp, Grammy and Pappap camp, church camp, etc. I think there’s something about starting a new school year that makes me realize once again how fast time goes. As a mother of a high school senior and high school sophomore, I’m telling you something you may already know – time goes fast.

Time goes really fast!

So think upstream a bit and make sure you’re thinking of your own purpose beyond mothering. Being a mom is definitely one of the most important roles you and I will have in this life, but God has called you to do something else of significance… something that makes you feel alive.

You have a purpose from God just for you. Don’t wait until your children finish school to find it.