What Scares You?

November 17, 2015 — 1 Comment

What Scares You_

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Eleanor Roosevelt

There’s been something that I’ve been afraid to do for a very long time.

I came close to doing it a few years ago, but my fear kept me from taking action.

Could God possibly be calling me to do something I’m afraid of? 

I think He’s been asking me to do it for a long time, and I’ve avoided it like the plague.

It wasn’t until one of my friends encouraged me to consider it that I really thought about it again.  She encouraged me two Sundays in a row:

“What would a life purpose coach say?  Go for it!”

I finally yielded to God and called a local school district about becoming a substitute teacher on my days off.  I had such a relief after making the first call.  I was still scared but felt God’s direction and His peace to move forward.  It was a personal thing – a following God and trusting God thing in the midst of real hurdles.

I have to learn the new curriculum.  I have to find my way around the school.  I have to learn the students’ names really fast.  I have to depend on God.  I have to remember that most of the things I’m worried about won’t even happen.  I may love being back in a school again.  I may enjoy teaching and learning new curriculum.  I could really like it!

As a life purpose coach, I often encounter women who are afraid to take action on their calling.  These fears are real.  In an effort to overcome these fears, we must remember to keep God in the equation.  Jeremiah 29:13 is a verse that gives me hope when I’m confronted with fears related to finding and following my purpose:

“For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

If you are struggling to find and follow your purpose, I’d love to help!

Did you ever do something scary that you felt was part of God’s purpose for your life?